ICSTI 2009 - Welcome - June 9-10 2009 - Ottawa, Canada


This conference is organized by the NRC Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (NRC-CISTI). NRC-CISTI is Canada’s National Science Library, NRC Research Press (Canada’s largest scientific publisher), and NRC Information Intelligence Services.

The National Research Council is Canada’s premier federal science Research and Development (R&D) organization, with headquarters in Ottawa and over 20 research institutes located from coast to coast.

Library and Archives Canada, Canada’s national library and archives, is providing the venue for the conference and ICSTI meetings.

The International Council for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI), offers a unique forum for interaction between organizations that create, disseminate and use scientific and technical information.

Organizing Committee

Pam Bjornson, Conference Chair & Director General, NRC-CISTI

Madeline McBride, Project Manager, NRC-CISTI

Brigitte Smiley, Deputy Project Manager & Communications Lead, NRC-CISTI

Jeffrey Demaine, Conference Program Lead, NRC-CISTI

Marie Lanouette, Conference Manager, NRC Conference Services, NRC-ASPM

Naomi Krym, Sponsorship and Exhibition Lead, NRC-CISTI

Hélène Hardy, Logistics, NRC-CISTI

Judy Letourneau, Exhibits, NRC-CISTI  

Barbara Delva-Katalayi, Communications Strategist, NRC-CISTI
Tracie Taylor-Labonté, Senior Communications Officer, Media Relations, NRC-CISTI
Luc Provencher, Internet Communications Manager, Video and Web Services, NRC-CISTI

Program Committee

Jeffrey Demaine, Conference Program Lead, NRC-CISTI

Brian Hitson, OSTI-Department of Energy, USA

Tony Llewellyn, Executive Director, ICSTI

Karen Morgenroth, NRC-CISTI

Fraser Taylor, Carleton University & CNC/CODATA

Mary Zborowski, NRC-SBD


Special Advisors

Bernard Dumouchel, former Vice-President, ICSTI

Tony Llewellyn, Executive Director, ICSTI


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